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By @FynnToTheMoon


Terra $LUNA updates 7 june-13 June (Weekly Terra Report)

*Yotta incorporates UST and Anchor protocol for savings yield
*2 new on-chain governance proposals are now out for voting
*Terra Community farms are now live on Dfyn
*Do Kwon chatting with Robinhood Founder and CEO Vladimir Tenev on “Under the Hood” Podcast
*Anchor is now up on Messari Crypto research hub
*Do Kwon tweets about upcoming Sandclock integration with Anchor
* Spot Trading Luna is now available on Phemex
*Do Kwon posts a thread on Pylon Protocol
*Pylon Protocol’s native governance and value accrual token is $MINE. There will be a genesis airdrop and weekly airdrops for LUNA stakers.
* Terra published a Pylon spotlight
* Local Terra provides their first community update
*Feature to turn on LTV notifications on Anchor desktop is now live
* Overview Article on Rerun is published
* Terra Kado rebrands to “Kado Pay”
* Anchor team is proud to announce the release of EthAnchor.
* Learn Terra creates a unified interface to claim all airdrops in one place

Terra $LUNA updates 31 May-6 June (Weekly Terra Report)

*New Anchor Dashboard
*Terra Kado Agora Proposal
* 4 mAssets currently up for voting
*May Monthly Community Update
*ARK Invest Podcast with Do Kwon released (Threads, Graphics, Articles) and much more...

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Terra $LUNA updates 24 May-30 May (Weekly Terra Report)

*MIR listed on http://Crypto.com

*StarTerra launches its website

*Terra Integration with WalletConnect

*New safeguards added to Anchor

*Unslashed Finance UST peg insurance

*Columbus-5 Bombay Testnet goes live

*Mars Protocol releases their Litepaper

*Terra announces that Matt Cantieri will be the new General Manager at Anchor Protocol

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Terra $LUNA updates 17 May-23 May (Weekly Terra Report)

*mGLXY-UST pair is now live on Mirror platform

*Do Kwon posts a Twitter thread where he talks about Proposal (82) to burn the community fund.

*Users will be able to trade, mint, provide liquidity & stake LP for the newly listed mIAU and mVIXY assets

*“I’ve got big positions in Terra Luna” Mike Novogratz said on CNBC

*Transaction fees on anchor protocol have been lowered. $0.5->$0.05

*Harpoon released their beta public beta

*Netflix in Korea has possibly agreed to partner with CHAI to accept $KRT.

*Harpoon exclusively announces they will have their own token and another airdrop is incoming

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